Tuesday, 28 January 2014

2013 Trip to Tasmania - Day 2 - Shot Tower

We came there for scones. Olga read someone's review which held the scones served in the Shot Tower cafe in the highest regard. It took us a while to figure out how to order them as they were not on the menu. We were looking for scones but what we needed was Devonshire Tea. I am glad we sorted it out because missing those scones would be a tragedy. I could write another paragraph describing them, but this post is not intended for Google+ Food Porn community. Keeping it short and sweet, they were addictive. If that alone was not enough, the raspberry jam served with the scones was the best one I've ever bought. In retail it is known as Steph's Kitchen brand and I couldn't leave that place without a jar of it.

After the scones we were ready to climb the Shot Tower. For all I knew, towers were there for good views. That one was no exception, the view was splendid, but we also discovered that it was built for a very utilitarian purpose - to get shot. Err... What I mean is to make shot. I don't know how they manufacture shot now but obviously not by sieving molten lead through a colander fixed at the top of the tower over a bucket of water, as this tower was out of shot business since 1905.
Having climbed all the way to the top I got new respect for the workers of that bygone era, for those who made shot and those who built the stairs. It appeared that the tower still had the original wooden staircase which sometimes creaked ominously. In hindsight, I should have left scones until after the climb - there was no reason to push my luck by adding more weight.
When I got down the owner presented me with a medal for making it to the top. She didn't actually verify my claim of conquering the tower (unless there was a CCTV camera) so I felt that my achievement was sold short.

All in all, Shot Tower turned out to be a multifaceted place; I certainly recommend it to gourmets, photographers and, what with it having 318 steps, fitness maniacs.

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